Kuan-chi Wang / 王冠棋

Kuan-chi Wang is an Associate Research Fellow at the Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, RCHSS, Academia Sinica. His current theoretical interests address critical geopolitics, environmental governance and politics, new economic geography, and geospatial modeling with particular focus on East Asian foodways. He is also interested in technology-society interaction with particular focus on the political economy of building information city and cultural-creative city in Taiwan.


Chun-Yi Ho / 何俊頤

Chun-Yi Ho is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar of the Graduate Institute of National Development (NDI) at National Taiwan University (NTU). His research interests are Political Ecology and Environmental History of water and agriculture. He is also interested in the intersection of science, technology and environmental politics. His Ph.D dissertation is now focusing on the construction of the groundwater monitoring system and the production of the materiality of groundwater by the Taiwanese government.


Chih-Yuan Chen / 陳致元

Dr. Chih-Yuan Chen is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Geography at Chinese Culture University. He finished his Ph.D. program at National Taiwan University in 2011. During his Ph.D. study period, he has been in receipt of multiple scholarships and in participation of several research projects granted by Taiwan National Science Council. His research interests fall under the knowledge discovery framework for geographical database with focus on geo-visualization and neural network. He is also interested in theoretical theme of cyberinfrastructure and geographic information science. Current topics of interest include spatial ontology, spatial provenance, and semantic web.


Yu-shuan Chen / 陳宇軒

Yu-Hsuan Chen graduated from Department of Geography at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). His research interests are the application of geographic visualization and geographic information. The research focuses on the impact of Yulin land subsidence under climate change. The role of website production management and data collection analysis in this project.


Wei-En Lo / 羅偉恩

Wei-En Lo is a graduate student studying Geography at Chinese Culture University. His research interests are Geographic information system (GIS), spatial inequality, visualization of spatial data, spatial analysis. The role of this project is responsible for website production and management.