Cultural Geography research

Cultural Studies
Podcast: “Cheap Nature, or, the Cultural Logic of Historical Capitalism” with Jason W. Moore[…]

Critical Geography research

Critical Physical Geography
The central precept of critical physical geography is that we cannot rely on explanations grounded in physical or critical human geography alone […]

Political Ecology Research

Toward a Meaningful Ecological Politics
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The World-Ecology Network is a global community of scholars and activists committed to the study of historical change — including the history of present — as if nature matters […]

Indigenous Environmental Network
It is incorporated under the non-profit organizational name of Indigenous Educational Network of Turtle Island. Donations to the Indigenous Environmental Network are to be processed through the Indigenous Educational Network of Turtle Island […]

Academic Journals

Environmental Humanities
In response to a growing interest around the world in the many questions that arise in this era of rapid environmental and social change, the journal publishes outstanding scholarship that draws humanities disciplines into conversation with each other, as well as with the natural and social sciences.[…]

Mapping Resources


The GroundwaterU Video Library is a unique public catalogue of educational videos related to all things groundwater – from science and engineering to law and policy – and for all interest and learning levels. It bridges the knowledge gap between groundwater experts and the millions of people who need to sustain access to clean water.[…]